Sahara Desert Dream

Ask any one in the world about the best place where to celebrate The New Year’s Eve, the desert will come up. That’s why, since severals years, Desert Dream organizes unforgettable, fabulous nights in the middle of the sahara, under a sky of thousands stars to celebrate one of the most important events during the year.

Desert Dream proposes on you a spectacular night.

The time stops, the weather calms down, and the silence spreads out in the desert ! its not the calm that comes before the storm, but it’s the the silence of the dunes before starting the spectacular night of the New Year’s Eve between the arms of the vast desert. The night in witch the light of the camp fire and the stars are fighting the darkness of the sahara while the music of the drums, castanets and guitars is saying loudly that its not a normal night pushing at the same time all the friends and couples to the square of dancing.

Feast in the Desert includes:

  • Welcome with Moroccan green tea perfumed with mint, dates and almonds.
  • Big camp fire.
  • Local Berber music.
  • Buffet dinner style under a large Berber tent (Soup, Salad, Tajine or Couscous with vegetables and meat. Also a vegetarian alternative version).
  • Dessert.
  • Night under comfortable nomadic tents with blankets, sheets, pillows, mattresses and carpets (there are toilet and shower facilities at the campsite).
  • Authentic decoration of candles and more.
    Water and Moroccan red wine.

At the campsite, each couple/family has their own tent, which is equipped with mattresses, sheets and plenty of blankets. We suggest you to bring a towel and a small torch as well as wet wipes. There are toilet and shower facilities. Soft comfortable shoes are ideal for walking in the dunes. Trainers with thick socks would serve you well. As temperatures drop, it is a sensible to have warm clothing, even a hat and gloves (as you would no doubt at home).

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