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  • Arabic is the official language of Morocco.
  • French is widely spoken in the country.
  • Spanish is a very popular language in Morocco.
  • English is very well spoken in tourism industry.


  • Wi-Fi is available in all hotels, restaurants …
  • You can buy a Moroccan sim card for about 2 euros and get 5 gigabytes of data that lasts a month for about 5 euros.
  • The country code for Morocco is +212.


  • The official currency is the Moroccan dirham (MAD). Eleven dirhams are roughly equivalent to one euro, and ten dirhams to one U.S. dollar.
  • More established shops will take credit card, but most smaller markets, street vendors, and cabs will not. Be ready with the local currency.


  • You can wear whatever you want, including shorts. However, it is advisable to wear pants and cover your shoulders, especially when outside of big cities.


  • It is not uncommon for Western visitors to Morocco to get upset stomachs. It is best to drink only bottled or boiled water and used bottled or boiled water for brushing teeth and washing fruits and vegetables.


  • Moroccans share meals with everyone eating from one plate or tagine. Forks and knives are not used, but rather Moroccans eat with their hands and grab the food with bread. Restaurants will provide foreigners with forks & knives.


  • Tipping is greatly appreciated.


  • You can easily buy alcohol in all big cities in Morocco, but it is a bit hard to find in small towns.

Time zone

  • Morocco is in the time zone UTC + 01:00, the same as central Europe.


  • We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance from a third-party before you leave. Many insurance companies do not cover medical care abroad. For a small fee, you can travel safely to see things like medical emergencies, flight cancellation for personal reasons or bad weather conditions.

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